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Production ?

If you need 1000's of parts per year, and you're design is past the prototyping phase, ask us about injection molded parts.  We can tell you pretty quick how moldable your parts is and what might need changed or modified to make it moldable.

Design Communication

The STL file format in millimeters units is preferred for 3D printing. We can also work with most CAD files and export the STL model ourself. The STEP file format is the perferred CAD format. We can also help you by 2D drawings, such as a PDF file or even a napkin sketch. 

Filament Options

We stock several types and colors of thermoplastic filament. We can 3D print using PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber PETG, TPU (black). 

Made in the U.S.A.

We 3D print the parts on our SeeMeCNC 3D printers in-house.  No import fees or tax. We prefer email communication for better service, however we are not hiding our address or phone numbe either. 


Since 1996, we have provided machine shop services and met production needs of small and large business alike. And since 2011, we've been manufacturing our SeeMeCNC brand 3D printers.


We stand behind the parts we make for you.  And we are here for you when you need us most. Just contact us through the our website. 

What are you waiting for ;)

Custom 3D printed parts and low volume production.

Let's Build Together