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        Plastic Injection Molding      

Injection Molding:

  • Email us for production quantity quotes
  • No cost tooling, we don't sell the molds we make
  • Fair part price with a decent lead time


Straight-Pull Injection Molding:

A straight-pull part ejects straight out of the molded tool. If the part is about the size of two deck of cards any way you stack them, there is a one-time nominal engineering fee for building a tooling.

Example of straight-pull plastic injection molded parts.

This gear is a straight-pull part.
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Part Daddy is just interested in supplying quality plastic injection molded parts to our customers. We build & maintain the mold to make your parts. Usually, there are no maintenance costs to you! When building a new mold, there may be an engineering expense for mold tooling. This is dependant on part size, shape, and features.



Is Part Daddy molding service, right for you?

Our injection molding services are an excellent fit for parts with machined or satin finishes. Parts with 3D contoured surfaces or complicated surfaces are included in this offer. We only mold parts from tools we make.

If you presently buy machined plastic parts, think about molding them instead. Your molded part will be a higher quality, consistent dimensional part versus a machined part. Do you require 5000 to 500,000 parts? Have us mold them.

Are you importing? Check us out! Get your parts domestically.



Customer testimonials:

"The first delivery of parts saved our customer enough money to pay the annual salary of one of their employees." "Now that we saved [money & time] on this part, I'll be emailing you several other parts soon."

"... I was thinking about it the other day. Blackpoint was literally the keystone in getting [our new company] off the ground as a serious player in the sport. ..."




Part Daddy parts are great for customers who need quality parts and  a machined or satin finish. (EDM type bead blast) finishes. Our machined finishes are nice with very little tool marks. We typically apply a light bead blast finish for a smooth opaque appearance. We can lightly polish close to SPI C-2 to C-3 finish.



Thermoplastics We Mold (and don't mold):

  • We mold Nylons, ABS, Clear ABS, PP, PE, HDPE, UHMWPE, Acetal, Delrin, and more
  • We mold in many colors. Additional charge may apply.
  • We prefer to use resin we stock. We stock only quality resins. We generate material certification documentation, certificate of conformance, or other quality assurance documents as required. Specify these, and other requirements, when requesting a quote.
  • We do not mold PVC, Silicon, Teflon.
  • We mold soft thermoplastics, see the picture below.



                 CNC Machining                  

Here's where we started, in 1996! Precision CNC machined parts. We quote machined parts made of aluminum, brass, hard foam, and plastic. 500 to 50,000 part production.

We're talking about precision production...





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Since 1996, Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, has provided quality manufacturing services for medical, government, recreational sport, motor sport, industrial, electronics, packaging, and automation businesses. Our trademarks include PartDaddy(TM) and PartDaddyManufacturing(TM) 

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