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                  About Us                  

Our people, and their positive attitudes and work ethics are the corner stone of our modern manufacturing plant.  Our people are why we deliver consistent high quality parts... Made in the U.S.A.

Using the latest technology allows us to deliver consistent quality parts. We put our pride and care in building every part we make.

             Terms & Conditions              

Our terms and conditions:
revised April 11, 2011

does not apply to SeeMeCNC sales


  • Payment methods we accept for kits, parts, and other "Part Daddy" products are accepted via credit card through PayPal.
  • Payment methods we accept for machining and molding include company check, all major credit cards, and PayPal. Company check can delay projects for 10 business days or more. Type of payment and terms are assigned customer to customer.
  • All new projects and new molded parts require minimum payment. This minimum is due when we begin machining the mold. Subsequent orders for the same part may not require any money down if: 1) the part revision / specification has not changed  2) and you have a positive customer account history.
  • By conducting business with Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, you (the customer and agent acting on behalf of your company):  1) agree that Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, is and has not received preferential treatment regarding payment of invoices issued to you   2) agree that, should your company file bankruptcy or 'go out of business', you are acting legally on behalf of your company shareholders to defend Blackpoint against legal action requesting return of payment for invoices deemed 'preferential treatment' by collecting attorney's or collecting agents    3) agree that all payments made to us Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, have not been 'preferential treatment'    4) agree that shareholders of your company will personally and immediately payoff any legal judgment, not excluding attorney fees, in any legal jurisdiction of the United States of America   5) and agree that, prior to ordering, your company shareholders have been made aware of all terms and conditions regarding business with Blackpoint Engineering, LLC.
  • Past Due invoices may be subject to 18% APR late fees (or maximum), and possible collection settlement or collection expense, attorney and court costs, settled in Elkhart County, Goshen, Indiana, USA.
  • Part orders cancelled or changed at customer request will be subject to price break adjustment. If the quantity we have run, at time of the change, will result in review of pricing. All previous partial deliveries and current production run will be billed accordingly which may result in a higher (as quoted) part price.
  • Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, is not selling tools, design of tooling, special fixtures, CNC setups, or giving unscheduled tours. We just want to make your parts.
  • Occasionally, customers have us "reverse engineer" stuff. It is your responsibility to make sure intellectual property rights of others are not violated. Customer will "hold harmless" and defend actions against Blackpoint (and affiliates) regarding such intellectual property rights related to your project.
  • Unless you're a large paintball company, we do not quote parts  related to the paintball sport. Large production orders only. Thank you for so many inquiries!
  • Production orders typically ship plus or minus 10% of you order quantities. We will always try to deliver as close as possible to the PO quantity. We may also ship weekly partial quantities until larger orders are filled. All partial shipments will be billed as they ship until the order is filled. We mail and date one invoice for each partial shipment until the order is complete.
  • Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, is not responsible for delay, loss, or other inconveniences caused by unforeseeable events. Product use and safety is customer responsibility. Blackpoint will not provide professional engineering advice. Any finite element analysis evaluations are provided as reference material only. Blackpoint will not be responsible for personal safety, injury, or death related to manufacture of your parts or products.
  • Your Privacy is important to us. Your information is confidential.

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Blackpoint Engineering, LLC
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Since 1996

Since 1996, Blackpoint Engineering, LLC, has provided quality manufacturing services for medical, government, recreational sport, motor sport, industrial, electronics, packaging, and automation businesses. Our trademarks include PartDaddy(TM) and PartDaddyManufacturing(TM) 

Blackpoint Engineering, LLC
601 Sroufe St., Suite 200
Ligonier, IN 46767

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